Our History

Corion Capital, previously a division of Brait SA Ltd, was founded in 2001. Over this period the business has built up substantial experience and expertise in the management of multi-strategy investment solutions.

Why Corion?

  • Track Record: The business since 2001, has proven track record of managing multi-strategy investment portfolios, and managers the oldest alternative multi-strategy Fund in South Africa.
  • People: With decades of collective investment experience, Corion’s highly qualified team is dedicated to achieving steady outperformance over time, using the same prudent investment philosophy we have successfully applied for years.
  • Risk Management: Corion employs disciplined risk management, a component that has always been integral to their Investment Process. Taking both a qualitative and quantitative approach to risk management, we believe the probability of an unexpected investment outcome is significantly reduced.
  • Investment Systems: Over the years, Corion has invested substantial time and money into developing sophisticated proprietary investment systems. This infrastructure provides a world-class platform for investment analysis.
  • Access: Corion’s portfolios provide investors convenient and efficient  access to some of the best institutional and boutique asset managers
  • Innovation: The business continuously seeks to discover new ideas, themes and methods of achieving these superior investment outcomes.

Our Milestones

2001: Hedge Fund Pioneer and Launch of Absolute Fund
2003: Hedge Fund Emerging Manager programme
2006: Development of comprehensive database
2008: New Chief Investment Officer and enhanced investment process
2010: Providing clients with tailored solutions
2011: Adoption of Capital Efficiency Programme
2012: Management buyout of Brait
2013: Launch of the Prosperitas Fund
2013: Company rebranded to Corion
2015: Launch of Gravitas, Stable and Growth Funds