Our Process

Investment Philosophy

Corion’s investment philosophy can be summarised into the following key beliefs:

  • Markets are not efficient and provide opportunities for fund managers to generate investment outperformance over the longer term.
  • Superior fund managers can be identified by having the appropriate expertise, experience, time, systems and resources to effectively asses the likelihood of a manager outperforming and to measure the associated risks.
  • Over the short to medium term, outperformance is not continuous per fund manager or strategy.  An appropriately diversified multi-manager portfolio will deliver returns in a more consistent manner.

Investment Process

Corion has developed a sophisticated manager selection process that relies on rigorous quantitative and qualitative techniques. These techniques efficiently identify managers who can deliver alpha (outperformance of a benchmark), while at the same time understanding the risks and biases that managers are likely to have.

These fund managers are then blended together in deliberate proportions using our sophisticated portfolio construction approach to ensure that our Portfolios are optimally and efficiently constructed, and most importantly that the Portfolios' risks are appropriate.

The consequence is a Portfolio that we believe will provide the greatest chance of consistently meeting its return objectives.