About Corion Capital

Corion specialises in providing pioneering multi-strategy solutions for clients. Our reason for being is to provide our partners with the greatest chance of achieving their financial goals.

Our investment philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • over the long term, investors are rewarded for exposure to riskier assets
  • In the short to medium term, diversification mitigates risks of cyclicality
  • Understanding the specific drivers of returns is critical to any investment
  • Alternative investments can complement more traditional investments
2001: Launched Absolute Fund of Hedge Funds The Absolute Fund was South Africa’s first fund of hedge funds, and has been delivering consistent returns for over 18 years.
2003: Launched Hedge Fund Emerging Manager Programme This seeding programme helped launch the career of many successful South African investment boutiques.
2005: Development of a central data management application This system allowed the business to manage information efficiently from various service providers. This system is now widely used in the industry.
2006: Launch of one of the first multi-strategy hedge funds in South Africa The Multi-Strategy Fund performed exceptionally well and was later spun out into a separate business called Matrix Fund Managers.
2009: Separation of Alpha from Beta The development of Proprietary Manager Diagnostics Applications ensured that managers were primarily delivering alpha and not commoditised beta.
2013: Launched the Prosperitas Fund Launched the Prosperitas Fund. South Africa’s first blend of Proprietary Investors.
2014: Launched Corion Stable and Growth Funds Corion’s first traditional mandates
2015: Launched the Gravitas Fund. Launched the Gravitas Fund. A Unique Multi Strategy Hedge Fund.
2019: Launched Corion Prime Income Fund Low-risk multi-asset and strategy fund, seeking higher returns than cash, maximising income.
2020: Amalgamation and takeover as portfolio manager of 5 local funds Corion becomes the new portfolio manager of the Flexible Fund, Worldwide Flexible Fund, Income Retail Fund of Hedge Funds, Equity Retail Fund of Hedge Funds and the Multi-Strategy Qualified Hedge Fund